The Ethical Vampire series

Susan Hubbard

The Season of Risks: Book 2 in The Ethical Vampire Series

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The Season of Risks

There are some things I know for certain. My name is Ariella Montero, and I know a secret.

The vampire sects are at war—and war among vampires is fought not with weapons, but with minds. Half-human and half-vampire, Ari confronts the darker sides of vampirism, and herself, as the sects deploy new technologies to battle for influence and power.

But beyond these challenges lie greater risks: Ari's relationship with Neil Cameron, the first vampire to run for the U.S. Presidency, must be kept under wraps from even those she trusts most. When scandal inevitably erupts, Ari is forced to face the consequences of her actions, learning the hard way that love demands delicate negotiations between memory and desire.

Praise for the Ethical Vampire series

“Elusive, complex, poetic, and sophisticated.”
National Public Radio

“Hubbard creates an eerie atmosphere that permeates the story.”
The Boston Globe

“Any Stephenie Meyer fan would enjoy The Society of S... This is one of the really good reads of the year.”
—Charlaine Harris, author of All Together Dead and the Southern Vampire Mysteries

“[Hubbard] reawakens the vampire genre with class and inventiveness. With so many vampire novels on the market, it’s tough to stand out. But Susan Hubbard’s The Society of S does, approaching the whole idea from an entirely new way.”
—Malena Lott, Bookgasm

“A triumph of modern gothic storytelling, The Society of S is the most unusual coming of age story you’ll ever read.”
—Carolyn Parkhust, author of The Dogs of Babel

“Equally literate and adventurous, The Society of S discloses its delectable secrets slowly. Susan Hubbard has taken a much-beloved trope and created a coming-of-age novel with real bite."
—Stewart O’Nan, author of Faithful